Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council (AAC) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) provides leadership and direction for the UCF professional advising community. Membership is comprised of the leadership (director or designee) from the academic advising units across campus and directors or coordinators of specialized advising programs.

The AAC serves as an advisory role to the university administration concerning policies and procedures related to academic advising. We are committed to supporting current and new members of the university’s academic advising community by:

  • Offering monthly professional development programs
  • Providing leadership to advance academic advising in accomplishing UCF’s strategic goals
  • Ensuring consistency and quality of advising at UCF
  • Identifying advising needs, trends, and developments to guide and provide advising leadership

For more information on the AAC please refer to the Executive By-Laws and Memberships of the Academic Advising Council.